Edmodo is THE iPad Workflow Solution


The world of iPad workflow just got a whole lot easier. After months of ‘work arounds’ involving screenshots, Dropbox and pre-tablet technology, the latest Edmodo update has changed the game.

Put simply, you can now use the iOS6 function ‘open in app’, to open a document in Edmodo. This allows you to upload a document to your Edmodo library on an iPad. You can then link the document to a direct post, note or assignment within the Edmodo app.

Lets look at an example to illustrate how easy this has made the sharing of assignments for a student and an educator. I’ll use Pages as an illustration as that is the most common word processing package on the iPad.

Once the student has completed their document they should tap on the share and print option in Pages and then tap on ‘open in app’.


They should then select open in Edmodo and choose a file type to share – I can recommend the ‘Word’ option as this works well with the Edmodo annotation tool.



This will upload the document to the student’s library (Backpack). They then have the option to attach it to the appropriate assignment or post as directed by the educator.

The rest of the process is then the same as the educator can annotate and grade the assignment on any web based device including the iPad. As soon as the document is closed, all annotations are available to view by the student.

This process really is a game changer for any institution using iPads as an educational tool. The 1:1 environment is now supported by a simple workflow solution and the class set of iPads has an easy means of sharing competed classwork. Having spent many hours with fellow educators trying to decide on the most effective workflow solution I am very glad this update is available. The added bonus lies in the Edmodo interface and the ease with which students and educators alike can interact in a social learning environment.

The beauty of Edmodo is that it is a free platform and it now stands as the class leader ahead of some paid options that had the potential to fulfill the workflow solution (plus this is a free workflow VLE).

These apps are currently supported by the ‘Open in Edmodo’ option and are in common use in iPad environments. Please let me know if you discover any more useful examples and I will add them to the list.

Dropbox, Pages, Notability, Keynote, Numbers, Comic Life, Writing Kit, CoachesEye, Ubersense, Book Creator, iFiles

About Daniel Edwards
Director of Innovation & Learning at the Stephen Perse Foundation schools, Cambridge, UK (stephenperse.com). Interested in global connectivity for all and risk taking in education. Keen to discuss all aspects of learning and digital strategy. Also @syded06 on twitter.

57 Responses to Edmodo is THE iPad Workflow Solution

  1. is there any EASY way to do something more direct into MOODLE? Handing in assignments in LMS’s like Blackboard and Moodle require “browse for file” capability – how do I do this on my iPad?

  2. chrismason57 says:

    thanks for this, about to embark on iPad project and a big fan of Edmodo already, have you blogged about your use of Pages?

  3. They continue to play catch up to things like eBackpack that have been far ahead in the iPad workflow game. eBackpack has Open In (to the app and from the app), camera roll for pictures/videos (to and from), WebDav for things that don’t support Open In and syncing, and more! eBackpack is THE iPad workflow solution and is a leader in the space continuing to innovate. It lets teachers grade student work, students complete projects, and more — all from the app!

    • Thanks for commenting. How much does ebackpack cost compared to Edmodo for free?

      • Ann Marie says:

        Looks like ebackpack is $99 per year for single teacher with up to 200 students. I’m with you. Edmodo is free, can support unlimited data, and also includes the gradebook, calendar, quizzes, polls, etc. Thank you for this valuable post.

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  12. When I began working with ipads I was sure Edmodo would be my savior for workflow. Then people at my school started leaning towards Schoology. I grudgingly followed them over solely because I did not want to create competing platforms within our school. At the time I felt that Edmodo was the superior product. Now I am sold on Schoology because a) they have consistently improved workflow, feedback and features. b) They seem to be moving ahead faster than Edmodo. c) I love their quick response time to questions posed to them. d) schoology has created a solution to inter class and inter school collaboration and discussion.

    I was wondering if you have ever compared them and what your thoughts are? I am frequently asked when presenting “How are the two different?” Thoughts?

    • Thanks for commenting and I agree with your sentiments. I was just trialling Schoology when this Edmodo update came out. I really wasn’t a fan of the Schoology interface but was prepared to deal with it for superior workflow. As it stands I can still keep the Edmodo interface and now annotate work. 6 months from now I think we will have a number of options so I will stick with Edmodo for the academic year. As a learning tool it supports my students. Schoology almost won too!!

      • The Edtech world moves fast. at some point you have to just commit to a platform and hope it keeps pace. I think the improvements in each are increasing in speed since teachers have a choice. Great post, keep writing.

    • Enjoying this conversation, well said by both of you. Could have gone either way on this, but I am currently committed to Schoology.

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  34. Emma Wagg says:

    With the latest update I’m loving Edmodo. The students seem to take it on board really quickly too. To be fair, I haven’t tried other solutions, but as someone has already pointed out – sometimes you just have to pick one and go with it. I’m a few steps behind you with iPads but madly trying to catch up (and not let the students overtake me!!)

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  38. Deon says:

    Don’t forget, with the ability to upload from your Photos/camera directly to Edmodo on the iPad, you can attach screenshots of content from ANY app. This, too, is incredibly useful!

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  42. bruceathome says:

    Hey. My only problem with the Edmodo app is that I can’t open a student’s submitted work in another app so that I can annotate it. You can view student’s submitted files, just not open them in another app. At the moment I use the web interface, open the student’s submitted file, open it in iAnnotate, annotate it, then email it to the students. I would like to be able to do this all from within the app, including attaching the annotated doc for them to view, to streamline my workflow. Does anyone know if I am missing something?

    • travellingdeoneon says:

      At the moment, the only way to open in another app from within the Edmodo app is if the file is in a library/folder. Edmodo has its own annotation tools, though. If kids submit a .doc or .pdf, you can annotate without leaving the app, but unfortunately you cannot do anything with the annotated file, as you cannot open it in another app or return it to the student’s assignment submission area.

      You are right – using the web app is the only real way to get the file. I do it by accessing the assignment in the app, holding my finger on the link to the student’s file and choosing COPY. I then paste this into Safari and open the file in whichever app is appropriate (Pages/Keynote/Goodreader etc). I can then use OPEN IN (in the app I have chosen to open the annotated file in) Edmodo, and add to my library. You can send the file back to the student by attaching this library item to a comment on their assignment submission. It works well and sounds more complicated than it actually is. The only real extra step is copying the link across to Safari so as to be able to open the student’s work in another app.

      Try it!

      • Thanks for commenting guys. If you annotate the students work using the Edmodo annotation tool the students can see your annotations. When you close the document the words appear to the right of the work. Well worth trying.

      • Interestingly, I can’t see the annotations when using Safari on the iPad, as the “preview” button (magnifying glass) doesn’t work. On the iPad app, the student can see the annotations.

        If you use a PC to do the annotations, it lets you use a pencil tool, too. I think there might also be a highlight tool, but can’t remember, as I hardly ever use my laptop anymore!

  43. AlCass says:

    Edmodo is proving very, very good now I am using 1:1 iPads. But Showbie is another interesting option I can imagine appealing to lots of people. I’ve tried to compare them at http://s3atlarge.wordpress.com/ I think I’m invested in Edmodo, but Showbie has some nice touches such as the voice message option.

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