Teacher’s Trial by Tech – 1:1 Parent Presentation and App selection

What a difference a week makes. Same presentation, different audience and the response couldn’t be more different.

Alongside setting up all teacher iPads and the 30 student iPads, we presented to interested parents to ensure they have had an input to the project.

The obligatory safety concerns and user agreements were discussed around the practical demonstrations. iMovie and Explain Everything were well received but centre stage again belonged to Socrative. Parents very quickly understood implication of assessing students at any point in a lesson and the feedback was extremely positive. In fact, I believe they would have signed up purely so their child could use Socrative in lessons!

In contrast to teachers, parent questions revolved around learning and presentation issues. (Little time was spent discussing safety, which may be a consequence of the very thorough user agreement.) As the application of Evernote, Dropbox and Edmodo became clear, the enthusiasm in the room was tangible on both evenings. Again this led me to wonder about the initial staff reaction but I will reserve judgement until after the Easter break.

Riding this wave of positivity the set-up of student iPads felt like a breeze!!! Selected trial apps include

The thinking behind these apps centres on usage and discovery. We believe ‘ownership’ of the programme will only be achieved if staff and students realise the intuitive nature of the technology will enhance learning. We would love to come back to the summer term with many confident iPad users desperate for more information and app suggestions!!!

Students will not be allowed to download apps at this point but all iPads have been set up to one account for ease of pushing new apps to all devices. Any staff apps that are downloaded will appear on every staff device to encourage discovery and use over the holiday period (there is a contingency fund set up within the account for payment). This leads me to the next blog topic that will include tips for anyone attempting an iPad trial including the need for enough IP addresses!

Please comment if you have any advice on implementing a 1:1 programme or would like to discuss the set-up of this trial.

About Daniel Edwards
Director of Innovation & Learning at the Stephen Perse Foundation schools, Cambridge, UK (stephenperse.com). Interested in global connectivity for all and risk taking in education. Keen to discuss all aspects of learning and digital strategy. Also @syded06 on twitter.

4 Responses to Teacher’s Trial by Tech – 1:1 Parent Presentation and App selection

  1. That Zite app is great, hadn’t seen it before and just checked it out when I saw it on here! Another app that would get a lot of use from your students and teachers is Pages. We all have it at our school and it is good for note taking, students having subject folders with work on (no internet access needed) and back it up in the cloud. Some departments still have student workbooks i.e. science/maths and have done them on here as like word you can do tables, charts, import photos/videos, put in cool speech bubble links to the web and so on. You can save ‘pages’ docs to your school VLE for students to download and can convert ‘pages’ docs to word and PDF if need be.

  2. mrwickenspe says:

    Fantastic to see such a positive attitude from parents. Let’s hope that, after the initial negative approach from the staff, they may be swayed by exploration and a positive attitude towards technology from parents and students.

    Such a great project you guys have running. KEEP IT UP! You are an example/case study for many other teachers out there.

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