Teacher’s Trial by Tech


Convincing school leaders was tricky. Twitter was interesting and the new term means students are expectant. I know I am learning as I go but I’m not sure the students understand this.

Technology is a must if I am to engage with my students in this IT world and I think I have my school on board. The 11-18 year olds I teach are more comfortable with technology than I am, so I must learn quickly. (Technology in the classroom help articles – http://www.pearltrees.com/syded -my way of convincing Leadership team)

The student twitter account has been an observational success. Students want homework set on it, interesting videos posted on it and anything that will help their learning tweeted. I’ve tinyvoxed educreationed and retweeted to my heart’s content and the students get it!

Now I have to meet their requirements across the learning challenge and if I’m honest I’m struggling. My old scheme of work is a joke and the speed at which students are learning means every lesson plan must be rewritten (10 years of teaching gone?!). Research suggests I have been trialling ‘flipped lessons’ http://flipped-learning.com/ without realising it and mid-year I must decide what to do. If the students are learning so much outside the classroom I must change my practices to suit . . . . . . HELP.

New Term Aims

  1. Ask the students what they want?
  2. Deliver lessons using iPad apps that will enhance learning
  3. Don’t be scared to use social media.
  4. Catalogue my efforts in this blog and reflect.

If you can think of anything I should consider then please tell me!